Electrical/Mechanical Building Services

New World Thorndon
Residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Including apartment buildings, office and commercial buildings, industrial plant complexes, warehouses, cool stores and mineral processing plant

Specialist Services include

         - Design, drawing and specification for office buildings, cool stores, industrial plant            and factories
         - As built records, plans and manuals
         - Lighting Design
         - Electrical, reticulation and distribution including substations
         - Energy Conservation and Management
         - Power Quality
         - Emergency lighting system design
         - Secure power supply, standby generation, UPSís
         - Access Control, security and CCTV systems
         - Energy and tariff analysis
         - IQP documentation, inspections and reports
         - Magnetic field measurement, design solutions, compliance with OSH guidelines
         - Evaluation, inspection and reporting for electrical building services

Mc CORKINDALE ASSOCIATES P.O. BOX 188 WAIKANAE 5250 PHONE (04) 293 6743 MOB (021) 0546 775 ral.mcork@xtra.co.nz

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